A fully fledged content management system that is customisable, scalable, intuitive and cost-effective

Our Weapon of Choice

When we started out in 2008, WordPress was regarded as a comprehensive and extendible publishing platform.

We have been around to see it grow into a fully fledged content management system used by some of the biggest names in the world.

Over the years we’ve been using WordPress to create some awesome websites for our own clients that are easy to read, use and manage.

We support our clients and have seen them grow over the years

Design & Development

Our team focuses on websites that are modern, scalable, user-friendly, get results and works to engage users.

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Why WordPress is right for you

Open Source

Being open source makes WordPress a cost effective platform by default. The core of which is free to download and use as you please.

WordPress is a project that is being collaborated on by thousands of developers all over the world keeping it secure, developer friendly and feature-rich out of the box.

Slick and familiar admin interface

It is quite likely that the employees/team members you assign the task of administering your WordPress website has already got experience using it.

Managing content in WordPress is very simple. The admin interface is intuitive and customisable to suit the user’s needs.

Secure and fast

WordPress powers nearly 30% of all websites on the web and with that brings a huge responsibility to keep it safe and secure.

WordPress receives regular updates which generally include feature or API updates along with security fixes.

There are also security-only updates, which WordPress automatically updates in the background without you having to do anything so you can be sure your website is as secure as possible.

WordPress is developed to make the best use of server caching software such as Redis and Memcached. In addition, a developer can make use of a comprehensive caching API to store the results of commonly run queries to help your website run efficiently and fast.

There are also numerous plugins that assist with helping to speed up WordPress.


As WordPress has been around for some time it has created a very large developer pool.

As your website gets busier and your users demand more from it, you will need developers to collaborate and work on new features. By using WordPress you have a good chance of acquiring the resource the handle this.


As WordPress has matured so has its fan base. More and more developers are looking to bolster new functionality onto their websites.

This has forced the core team to create a more flexible platform so that developers are able to build solutions to meet the ongoing changes and challenges their clients face.

Perhaps the most notable recent addition is the REST API which enables the ability to interconnect your WordPress website to other websites and apps [link to blopost].

Multisite Capabilities

One incredibly useful feature WordPress has is the ability to administer multiple websites under one single network.

This is useful for instances where you need more than one website and does not want the hassle of using several different user logins.

It is also a useful way of consolidating websites for organisations that might have teams administering different websites and want a simple way to manage their access.

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