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France Media Group are a growing business with products and services serving the international Francophile community through magazines and digital publications

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FrenchEntrée is a complete online guide to buying French Property and Living in France.

We have been providing long-term WordPress hosting, support & maintenance to France Medias network of sites.

We have built up the infrastructure to handle heavy traffic and update the software on a weekly basis to ensure the websites are secure and perform well. We also monitor performance and tweak behind the scenes so that the client doesn’t need to worry about this.

If you have a similar set up, chat to us and see if we can help.

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France Today

France Today is a leading website and print magazine for international audiences over the world interested in French travel, culture, gastronomy, shopping & entertainment, art.

New design & brand

The tired out-dated website built in 2000 for France Today has been redesigned and migrated to over to WordPress, the site is now responsive and ready to engage new audiences. We have supported the migration and new website build.

Content migration

One of our biggest challenges was to migrate thousands of posts from the old bespoke site to WordPress, We developed an algorithm to match up the old database with the new one to migrate over the bulk of the content, comments, and galleries to the new site.

Interactive map

We built the Interactive map of France using HTML 5 and 2 versions of the hotspots and city from a hand drawn map, by overlaying the icons we have animated them

The administrators have the ability in the admin to tag content to display the latest posts on the map automatically. We also added a ‘range’ for each location so that if no tags have been added it will automatically pick up the geo range to display the closest articles and content.

By adding features like this to the site engages the audience to stay longer on the site and explore France in a fun way.

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Bonjour Paris

Bonjour Paris is dedicated to publishing France-related travel content and has been online since 1995

Bonjour Paris gets on average 5000 unique hits a day with page view levels reaching over 20,000 a day.

This is one of the 3 main critical sites we manage for France Media Group from their portfolio of large traffic sites.

We helped create a modern and fully functional website to encourage new and younger audiences to Bonjour Paris. The old website was dated, lacked new content and had poor usability.

View the bonjour Paris 

Do you have an old and outdated site that needs migrating over to WordPress? Or do have a network of sites like France Media and require design, development, and support?

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