Aspire Defence

Aspire Defence comprises three related entities: Aspire Defence Limited (ADL), Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) and Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADS)

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We have built a new multisite network on WordPress to support Aspire Defences 3 entities.

The old website was implemented in 2008 and was no longer fit for purpose. The existing website was developed on a bespoke content management system and it was difficult to support. The in-house team had little control over maintenance, which was still carried out by the original supplier, impacting editorial governance, accuracy, and responsiveness. In addition, the website was no longer compatible with Internet Explorer.

Aspire Defence comprises of three related entities which have different responsibilities within the business, each entity required their own content management area and website. Our proposal was to develop a bespoke WordPress theme that adhered to branding guidelines and that was then set up into a multi site. By doing this it allows each entity to have their own content management area for the content relevant to them.

We can also spin up new websites using the same theme easily should the services offered grow in the near future.

Visit the Aspire Defence Website

Kate Viggers
We challenged White Fire with a complex brief: deliver one website which meets the needs of three separate businesses. White Fire worked responsively with us throughout the project and we are delighted with the end product. The modern, interactive design and intuitive build have given us an impressive level of flexibility, responsiveness, and ownership of our content. Joe and Becki deliver excellent customer support, with a speedy resolution of any ‘bugs’ and technical queries raised.

Kate Viggers
Media, PR & Visits Manager - Aspire Defence

Content management made easy

The team can build up landing pages using branded components set by us that were defined in the art direction process such as add ‘call to action buttons’ ‘feature boxes’ ‘testimonials’ ‘sliding boxes’ ‘banners’ ‘nav boxes’ and other components easily within the admin panel.

The admin panel allows you to reorder sections and build up the page accordingly based on content using sections and post elements.

New Key Features

  • Jobs: The new website allows staff to easily upload Jobs to their own entity website, these can be ‘featured’ on the main global website and expire when the closing date ends.
  • News: Each entity can share news on their own site, We have also built-in a widget carousel to display news throughout the site on any page specified through a shortcode. They can also showcase news from different categories relevant to any page.
  • Navigation: Each entity has their own menu and ‘full menu’ option so that the user can get access to all content.
  • Reusable content: We have developed a feature where you can have reusable content, this can be added as a shortcode in pages. If at any time that piece of content has been changed, you can change it in one place and the content changes everywhere that you have placed the shortcode. Great for ‘telephone numbers’ PDF documents or blocks that are featured on many pages
  • User access levels: Restricted user access roles

content management made easy wordpress

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