Policing Insight

Policing Insight is published by CoPaCC, an independent organisation established shortly after the first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in November 2012 to monitor policing governance in England and Wales.

We were commissioned to launch a publishing website and weekly newsletter covering news, analysis and opinion on policing governance, policy and finance to generate a pipeline of visitors to the website to register and then upgrade to a paid subscription to the exclusive reports and paid content.

Content ranges from free and short open articles and news stories, with selected featured articles at the top of each category

Users can register for an account with Policing Insight for free of charge. This entitles users to access selected subscriber articles and reports.

Easy content management for publishing

  • Articles can easily be marked in the admin as either OPEN, REGISTERED, or SUBSCRIBED.
  • If the user isnt logged in they will be presented with a register form
  • Articles can be marked as a sticky and featured on the homepage

Users have a professional, attractive and easy to use website that looks one produced by a far larger publisher. The site has already been a success with nearly 5,000 unique visitors in the first month and over 25,000 page views. The CMS has made the site easy to manage and produce professional results with very few resources.


WordPress Hosting, Support & Maintenance

We continue to support the hosting infrastructure on Linode. We have built up the infrastructure to handle heavy traffic.

We maintain the software and update this on a weekly basis to ensure the website is secure and fast. We also monitor performance and tweak behind the scenes so that the client doesn’t need to worry about this. We also provide advice & support for the website on a ongoing basis.

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