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CARE Climate Change

In 2014, CARE managed 218 climate resilience development projects across 53 countries tackling climate change. The website focuses on engaging people with CARE’s work on climate change.

CARE International already has a large number of websites, over 200 in total. The new website will be a revamped micro-site (Climate information hub).

For a ‘niche’ website about a specific area of CARE’s work, the site attracts an average number of visitors, recent stats indicate that in a typical month, the site is visited only 2000+times.

The previous website faced many challenges including;

  • The complexity of the current Content Management System Joomla, making it very hard for administrators to manage.
  • The site’s poor navigation for user experience.
  • Limited functionality to enable newsletter sign-ups and a search facility.
  • Poor bounce rate

The new website is based on the branding guidelines of CARE International. We revamped and migrated the content from Joomla to WordPress. The website includes an extensive variety of content; from basic information about CARE’s work on climate change to digital toolkits, manuals, multimedia publications, blogs, news and videos.

We designed the information architecture and built a robust platform that supports a high volume of pages of content. It’s a huge improvement from the existing platform to which the staff found fustrating, complex and hard to maintain which took up more time to manage.

Improvements we have done in the revamp/rebuild:

  • Simple navigation and structure: User-journey led (funnel approach) – to reduce bounce rate
  • Easy to maintain and manipulate by various staff members
  • Friendly to slow internet connections
  • Content is searchable and taggable to get the best possible results
  • Related content, featured articles
  • Social media
  • Engaging and attractive
  • Mobile friendly
  • Optimised for search engines (SEO)

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The site looks great!

It’s clean and feels like 'CARE'. It’s appropriate given your audience – as I think they will be especially focused on the projects page & publications and the blogs/news section will also be interesting to them. I love that there are photos with the contact information. Great to make things personalized! And the interactive map in Projects is great too (people love that kind of stuff).
Jo Barrett
Press and Communications Coordinator