Disruption Hub

Disruption Hub

D/SRUPTION is a collaborative membership community focusing on Emerging Technologies and Innovative new Business Models that are are transforming the world at a speed never seen before.

The previous website faced many challenges including;

  • The complexity of a ‘default’ theme which made it very hard for administrators to manage, which made nothing consistent.
  • The site’s poor navigation for user experience.
  • Poor branding which didnt reflect the magazine, the design looked like it had been quickly thrown together.
  • Poor subscription rate
  • Article readabilty was very poor
  • Lack of call to actions

We have revamped and created a new experience for Disruption Hubs users, The site now looks more professional and user friendly.

We designed the information architecture and built a robust platform that supports a high volume of pages of content such as insights. It’s a huge improvement from the existing platform to which the staff found fustrating, complex and hard to maintain which took up more time to manage.

Improvements we have done in the revamp/rebuild:

  • New and improved navigation and taxonomy structure that’s now scalable.
  • The administration now has less clutter and is intuitive to manage
  • The client has the ability to build new landing pages with ease and simplicity to now be consistent with branding standards
  • Content is searchable and taggable to get the best possible results
  • Related content on Insights
  • Social media integration
  • More engaging and interaction
  • Various call to actions present, improved sign up forms and useability.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Better optimised for search engines (SEO)
  • A better site for advertising opportunities

Following the launch we will be introducing a membership area with paid subscriptions through stripe and multiuser registrations.

soon to be added.

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