Written by Joe B on October 24, 2012

Important WordPress Up-dates & Security

Security on WordPress has become a serious issue especially in the past year for malware attacks. The market is growing fast for hacks.

Attacks are primarily issued from Russia, India and Poland. Most WordPress attacks are a result of plug-in vulnerabilities, weak passwords and even not up-dating your WordPress installation to the newest up-date. Sometimes it can be a FTP injection or poor server security on shared hosts.

We would strongly advise that you make sure your sites are up-to-date with the new WordPress up-dates & plug-ins. You can follow the simple steps below, and check this on a regular basis to ensure your site is secure:

Here are some simple steps to upgrade:

1) Login into your admin

2) Check for up-dates.  WordPress up-grades are usually at the top like the below, or via the dashboard updates

3) Click – Dashboard – Updates to check the plug-ins. Click & tick update now for any plug-ins required and this should do it straight away, If an error happens do these 1 by 1.

(* please be aware that if you have modified any plug-ins when up-dating them this will be overridden at your own risk.)




1) The best advice we can give is to reset all passwords to a secure strong one. strongpasswordgenerator.com  is a recommended website to use

2) We do everything possible to avoid attacks on our cloud servers. FTP’s are locked and the server is maintained and regularly scanned for malware  attacks weekly & daily.

3) Back up your site regularly. – please ask your host if this is done.

Recommended WordPress security & Virus Plug-ins – worth exploring

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