19th September 2017

2017 Q3 announcement – Re-Branding

Joe Buckle
Joe Buckle

Opening statement

Firstly, we would like to say a massive thank you to all of our clients that have supported us over the years. I think it goes without saying we would not be here without you and we hope to continue working together in the years to come. Working on these projects is a pleasure and it’s very exciting to have contributed to your successes.

I know we’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple of years. We’re sorry 🙁 but rest-assured you can expect to hear much more of us over the coming months and years.

Over the past 3 years most of our focus has been directed at clients who require content driven website solutions with very specific features and administration tools that are simple and intuitive for the teams responsible for managing content.

We’re enjoying working on the projects and have been getting a grasp on the types of challenges publishers face. So we’ve been adapting our own services to suit them.

Support ticket system

One of the most successful adaptation we made to our operations is the introduction of a support ticket based system which allows our clients to open tickets whenever they have issues or questions. The use of the system is bound to a Service Level Agreement. Each ticket can be assigned a priority which helps us get an understanding of how important the request is and how we should deal with it. We have now resolved over 2000 tickets since this has gone live.
Giving our clients a portal where they can expect to receive priority support has given them peace of mind.

Interactive wireframes

We made another change to our design process which was quite successful. We introduced an interactive wireframing process. This gives the client a good understanding of how the website will function before it goes into development. This has really helped us to align expectations, improve service and increase happiness all round.

There is still a lot for us to learn and thus – we continue adapt where necessary. But for now we can confidently say we have built a solid platform for both project work, support and maintenance.

We continue to listen to your ideas and consider them in a bid to improve our services in many different areas so please keep sending us your feedback.

A few of our recent projects

We have been working on a lot of exciting projects recently. Here are a few of them:

  • Aspire Defence – Corporate WordPress Multisite (3 entities merged into one control panel).
    Aspire Defence is making soldiers’ lives better through delivery of new and improved accommodation, ensuring they live and work in the best possible environment. – View Case Study
  • Disruption Hub – Publisher website with multiple editors and authors.
    Disruption Hub is a unique ecosystem, bringing together business leaders across Enterprise, Tech StartUp, Consultancies, and Investments Firms to address the key questions around disruption, innovation and digital transformation. – View Case Study
  • University of St Andrews – University site employing strict branding and pattern library guidelines.
    ACE are responsible for the promotion and management of Accommodation, Conferences and Events at the University of St Andrews. – View Case Study

Announcing our new brand

Important Note – The change in our branding is affective immediately and all documents including invoices and proposals will be altered to represent it. 

Today is a very exciting day for us as it’s the day we finally get to announce the re-brand we’ve been working on for 18months! This has been very carefully considered to appeal to our publisher clients.

What’s all this red about? A little risky, right?

You might think our use of the colour red is alarming at first, and we know it does not appeal to everyone.
Red is used by many news agencies and magazine publishers to draw attention to an area of content. By subtly adding red to our documents and websites we hope to render ourselves a familiar tone to our own target audience. The use of red is not excessive, but not moderate enough to go unnoticed.

About the logo…

The logo is pixels drawing the bookmark icon. The pixels represent a digital presence and the bookmark indicates a user interested enough in the content that they’ll want to save it for later.

New website!

You may have already noticed that we also have a new website! It’s taken bl**dy ages (over a year!) as we’ve had to work on it in between our other project work but we’re finally there! We are going to be making a bigger feature of our blog and  we are hoping to add new and interesting pieces as time goes on.

We’ve decided to go for the clean and ‘spacey’ look as much of our focus is keeping the user interested in reading the content. Larger fonts for articles and a nice font style combination will contribute a great deal to this.

We would love to receive your feedback on our new website if you have the time. Whilst we’ve been through our content with a fine tooth comb we are not perfect so if you happen to stumble across any typo’s or anything that doesn’t seem right we would love to know so we can correct it.

Please e-mail [email protected] with your feedback.

The future –

Digital marketing

We have a solid understanding of the technical element of digital marketing, such as implementing custom tracking codes and monitoring software, and this is useful to clients with marketing teams that are monitoring activity very closely and making decisions based on the data.

However, with some of the smaller businesses that don’t necessarily have this resource in-house we intend to introduce the more ‘human’ part of digital marketing and package this up as an addition to our services in an attempt to become semi-full-service.
We think the best way to do this is to partner with a small company that specialises in Digital Marketing and we are considering the options available to us at the moment.

a mobile app for you?

Some of our publisher clients have shown a fairly sizeable interest in the development of a mobile app to help better connect to some of their readers and subscribers. There are definitely some pro’s in publishers having their own mobile apps – such as the use of push notifications to alert readers and subscribers of new content and a smarter interface which can be easier to use than a mobile version of a website which may improve user engagement.

However, the conclusion is always that an app is too expensive to build for the small amount of return it yields. It is basically a ‘nice to have’.

Whilst most of our clients have different target audiences and the need for custom functionality, they do all share one thing in common – mainly, of course, they categorically publish articles.

So we have decided that between now and Christmas we will create a proposal in-house for a White Label app that runs off the back of the WordPress REST API so that it can be content managed from WordPress. The app will also have the flexibility to be branded.
Once the proposal has been put together we will send it out to the clients that have expressed an interest in this to get some feedback.
If the interest remains then the idea is to develop the app more cost-effectively by dividing the cost.

More news on the Mobile App proposal in our next quarterly announcement in December.

Joe Buckle – Director

Joe Buckle
Joe is one of the Directors and seasoned Full Stack Web Developer. He handles most of our front and back-end development and technical support.